That‘s bananas! Two men with the same name become best pals after spotting each other on Facebook BOTH dressed as the yellow fruit – despite living 3,600 miles apart

Two doppelgangers with the same name have become best friends after spotting each other on Facebook wearing the same banana costume.   

Ben Codrington, from Bromley, , was scrolling through Facebook when a Canadian who looked like him, had the same name and was dressed as the yellow fruit popped up as a suggested friend.   

The 21-year-old sparked up a conversation and discovered they were both aspiring stand-up comics who loved rap music and video games and were born weeks apart.

Within five days Mr Codrington, a geography student, flew to Toronto to meet his doppelganger and revealed they got on ‘like a house on fire‘.

The transatlantic ‘twins‘ say they are friends for life following the unlikely encounter.

British Ben told : ‘I started talking to him and I couldn‘t believe we had the same unusual surname and were both wearing banana costumes in our Facebook profiles.

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‘He invited me for a drink and a meal in Toronto and I said “yep lets go for it.”

‘It was a hell of a long way to go but I decided to spend my savings on the air fare and we got on like a house on fire because amazingly we are so similar.

He revealed the pair went for a drink and meal in downtown Toronto and discovered they had the same sense of humour.

The Brit also claimed they had identical upbringings, achieved similar grades in school and both moved away from home for university.  

Canadian Ben said: ‘I couldn‘t believe it. One minute we were messaging online and a few days later we were having a drink together in my hometown.

He admitted he was wary British Ben was a fraudster trying to con him because of the unbelievable coincidences.  

But the computer science student said he was glad the pair met up and described  them as ‘friends for life‘.