Tommy Robinson LOSES his MEP bid: Former EDL leader blames his social media ban as he forfeits his £5,000 deposit and comes eighth

Independent candidate Tommy Robinson (pictured at a count in Manchester last night) has failed in his bid to be elected as an MEP, losing his £5,000 deposit

Tommy Robinson was humiliated last night after he failed in his bid to become an MEP and lost his £5,000 deposit because he got so few votes. 

The activist stood as an independent candidate to represent the ‘working class of England‘ pledging he would absolutely ‘absolutely smash it’ come polling day. 

But Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, came in eighth place out of 11 in the North West England region with 38,908 votes.

The former leader of the English Defence League looked downbeat at the Manchester count last night as he blamed being banned from social media for the poor result. 

The far-right agitator – who has been banned from Facebook and Instagram and was twice targeted by milkshake-throwing protesters during his controversial campaign – gathered only just 2.2 per cent of the vote.  

He is a political adviser to the current leader Gerrard Batten but did not run under the banner of ‘s former party, which was completely wiped out last night.

Mr Robinson conceded defeat in his bid to become an MEP before the official council area results were declared at the North West count.

Before leaving the Manchester Central venue, he told his followers on the Telegram private messaging app: ‘Disappointed to say the least.  They (the votes) are not in but they are in … at the same time what do you expect? 

‘Going through the votes we have certainly not got a place as a MEP but I want to say a special thank you to every single person who supported.‘ 

Speaking at the Manchester count, the former leader of the English Defence League said he had faced a ‘near impossible task‘ in attempting to win one of the eight seats available. 

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He claimed it was not a fair campaign as he was unable to get across his message on social media platforms.

‘I am not allowed social media,‘ he said. ‘I am not able to interact with the public.‘ 

Despite a controversial campaign in which he was targeted by milkshake-wielding protesters, he said: ‘More than anything every community I have gone to – every working class estate – I have so felt loved, (more) than I have ever felt in my life.‘    

Mr Robinson‘s affiliation to UKIP has caused a row among supporters and former members of that party.  

He is unable to join UKIP‘s membership under party rules because anyone who has previously been an English Defence League member is banned. 

Among other high-profile candidates, journalist Rachel Johnson, whose brother Boris – the former Foreign Secretary – is running to be Conservative Party leader, did not get elected as a Change UK candidate.

Change UK finished in seventh place in South West England with 46,612 votes, which meant no candidates for the new party were elected.

YouTuber Carl Benjamin, who was second on Ukip‘s South West regional list, also failed to get elected.

Mr Benjamin was surrounded in controversy throughout the campaign for comments he made about Labour MP Jess Phillips.

The 39-year-old who styles himself online as the ‘Sargon of Akkad‘ said he ‘wouldn‘t even rape‘ the Labour MP and refused to apologise for the remarks.

In the South West, Ukip received 53,739 votes which meant the party lost its two MEPs there, down 29.07% on the 2014 vote.

Former Labour cabinet minister Lord Adonis also lost his bid to become an MEP in the South West region.

The Labour Party lost their only seat in the South West region, as the party polled fifth with 108,100 votes, down 7.26% on the 2014 vote.