Outrage in Mexico after government minister issues ‘presidential order‘ to call back the plane she missed because she was running late

A Mexican government minister has stepped down from her post after it emerged she ordered an airplane back to the gate so she could board it after running late for the flight.

Josefa González-Blanco had just missed her work-related flight to Mexicali last Friday morning when she issued the stunning ‘presidential order‘ to Aeromexico staff at City airport. 

Much to the dismay of passengers who had boarded in time and were on the verge of taking off, the captain taxied the plane back to the gate so that the minister for environment and natural resources could board. 

The tardy González-Blanco, and another male passenger who accompanied her on the trip, boarded Flight AM 198, which was scheduled to depart at 9:30am local time and eventually took off at 10:08am.

On Saturday morning she resigned as minister for the environment and natural resources amidst public backlash, including from passengers who were on the same flight.

González-Blanco stressed over a series of tweets that were deleted Tuesday morning that it was solely her decision and not an edict that came down from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador‘s office that forced the plane to return moments before it‘s scheduled departure.

‘There was no presidential order to delay the departure of the plane,‘ she wrote on the social media platform. 

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‘I‘m the one responsible for what happened. The presidency never intervened.‘ 

González-Blanco also took herself to task for her abuse of powers in a country plagued by corruption across all levels of government, including law enforcement and judicial branches.

‘True change requires that no one has privileges and that the benefit of one, whether it be to fulfill its functions, is not above the welfare of the majority,‘ González-Blanco.

The shamed ex-minister also tweeted: ‘The transformation of Mexico begins with personal conviction and the congruence of our actions. That is why I have submitted my resignation to President López Obrador. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Mexico and will continue to do so from other trenches.‘

Since López Obrador took office in December, the leftist leader has taken commercial flights after making a campaign pledge to sell his predecessor’s luxury 787 Dreamliner presidential plane. 

The aircraft is worth almost $300million and is currently sitting in a hangar in California.

González-Blanco is the second minister to have quit the Mexican president‘s cabinet in a week.

Germán Martínez, head of Mexico’s social security institute, abandoned his post last Tuesday over differences with budget cuts and lay-offs ordered by López Obrador’s finance minister which he charged were harming health services for the poor.