EXCLUSIVE: Mob of schoolboys ‘fuelled by VODKA from a pre-GCSE exam party‘ destroyed treasured model railway exhibition, claims ‘mortified‘ mother

A mob of schoolboys ‘fuelled by vodka from a pre-GCSE exam party‘ carried out the destruction of a treasured model railway exhibition, the mother of one of the teenagers involved has told MailOnline. 

The carer says she was ‘mortified‘ to learn that her son and three of his friends were responsible for the mindless violence that has shocked the country.  

The yobs broke into the school sports hall in the early hours of Saturday where they kicked a football, hitting one of the exhibits, which prompted them to go on the rampage, she revealed.

The 44-year-old said the boys were ‘gutted‘ at realising what they had done and are writing letters of apology to the model railway club concerned.

She told MailOnline: ‘They‘d got a bottle of vodka from somewhere earlier in the evening and we‘re in high spirits at having finished school for their GCSE exams. 

‘But that doesn‘t excuse their behaviour. The boys are gutted at what they‘ve done, they can‘t understand or explain their actions.

‘From what I‘ve been told, they ended up in the sports hall and saw the model railway displays.

‘One of them booted a football at one of the exhibits which caused it to fall off a table and smash on the floor.

‘My son and his friends say that was the spark for what then happened.

‘They can only remember knocking over some of the tables and stands and hadn‘t actually realised the full destruction until the police showed them photographs of the damage. They were absolutely gobsmacked.‘

The mother, who works in a children‘s home, had been at work last Friday evening but said her son and another of the four boys were supposed to be staying that night at her house.

Her eldest son was at home but asleep when the four boys knocked on the front door in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Locked out and looking for somewhere to spend the night, they broke into Stamford Welland Academy.

The school‘s alarm was triggered at about 3.50am on Saturday and police arrived shortly after.

The officers sent in one of their Alsatians to sniff out the cowering intruders who were arrested and spent the night in custody before being released that afternoon on bail.

She went on: ‘I was overnighting at work and asleep when my son texted to say he couldn‘t get into the house.

‘My older son is like everyone else in our family who sleep like logs and was oblivious to the door being banged on downstairs.

‘The boys headed somewhere to spend the night and that place was the school. They hadn‘t actually realised there was a model railway exhibition on that weekend.

‘It took them by surprise and a mixture of alcohol and stupidity took over. To say their behaviour was silly is a massive understatement.‘

She said her son has been punished by having his games console and mobile phones confiscated and being grounded indefinitely.  

‘I‘m mortified by his behaviour and his father couldn‘t speak to him for a few days he was so angry. 

‘He needed to get his head around what he had done and is only now on speaking terms. 

‘I‘ve made him write letters of apology to the model railway club which will be getting sent in the next couple of days.

‘He is ashamed of himself and fear this could affect not just his chances of going to college but his whole life.‘ 

MailOnline knows the identity of all four culprits but has chosen not to name them. Three of the boys are aged 15 and one is 16.

They all live in Stamford, a historic and genteel market town, besides one who lives in a picturesque village nearby in Lincolnshire. 

Model railway exhibits that had taken enthusiasts years of devotion to complete were smashed, thrown around and stamped on, including a locomotive unit worth about £8,500.

Men were reduced to tears as other enthusiasts lost hundreds of items – including hand-made pieces with the total cost of the damage running into tens of thousands of pounds.

News of the attack made headlines around the world.

Singer Sir Rod Stewart – himself a model railway enthusiast- said he was horrified by the vandalism and later donated £10,000 to the club.

Pop supremo Pete Waterman also gave his support to the Market Deeping Model Railway Club based on the Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire border. 

So far £85,000 in donations has been sent in from well wishers from as far a field as New Zealand, Japan and Brazil.


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