The life-changing magic of getting KIDS to tidy up! Marie Kondo will now try to teach little ones how to ‘spark joy‘ by decluttering and organizing in her first ever CHILDREN‘S book

Marie Kondo‘s revolutionary ‘KonMari Method‘ for tidying up is all the rage with adults, and now the organization guru is teaching little ones how to declutter and only keep things that spark joy.

The 34-year-old author, who is best known for writing The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has announced that she is releasing her first children‘s book, Kiki and Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship, on November 5.  

The mother-of-two shared a photo of her upcoming picture book that was co-written and illustrated by Salina Yoon on  last week, explaining that ‘it‘s a timeless story about friendship‘ — of course, there will also be some tidying up. 

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‘Inspired by Kondo‘s KonMari Method, the book tells the story of two best friends: Kiki is a collector, and Jax is a sorter,‘ a  said. ‘The one thing they always agree on is how much fun they have together. 

First look: Kondao shared a photo of her upcoming book that was co-written and illustrated by Salina Yoon on Instagram 

‘But when things start to get in the way, can they make room for what has always sparked joy — each other?‘

In her Instagram post, Kondo said she hopes ‘the characters of Kiki and Jax will inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy.‘  

The organizing consultant has written four books on her famous KonMari Method, a unique approach to decluttering that requires people to go through all of their belongings and keep only the things that ‘spark joy‘ before reorganizing their spaces.  

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The success of her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up led to her popular Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, which shows her teaching families how to organize and tidy up their homes.  

The first season of the series dropped on New Year‘s Day and watching Kondo help people clean up their clutter plenty of viewers to tear into their own closets and shelves. 

Kondo, who has two young daughters, often includes children in the decluttering process, and if her new book is any indication, it‘s never too young to start tidying up your belongings. 

A few weeks ago, the expert made a house call to Eva Chen‘s New York City apartment to help the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram organize her children‘s bedroom. 

Chen, who is the author of the children‘s book Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes, shared photos and videos from the visit with her 1.1 million Instagram followers on Tuesday.  

The two focused on the bedroom that is shared by Eva‘s four-year-old daughter, Ren, and two-year-old son, Tao, pulling out everything before deciding what sparks joy and what has to go. 

Chen couldn‘t resist sharing a photo of her son looking less than impressed when Kondo suggested putting his taxi toy away, admitting: ‘Tao was really not sure about it…‘

However, when Ren came home, she joined in on the fun and even got a lesson in folding her clothes.  

In an adorable video shared by Chen, Kondo gives the little girl step-by-step instructions on how to fold a shirt the KonMari way.

Both her mom and the organization consultant clap for her when she is done, but Chen admitted that her daughter hasn‘t been utilizing her new skill.  

‘She has not employed it since Marie left which is why I think Marie needs to come back),‘ she joked in the caption of the post.