Bombers on a budget: London Bridge terrorists are seen shopping for their murder weapons in LIDL – buying £6 knives and £2.49 bottles of Baywood Rosé for Molotov cocktails four days before attack, inquest hears

Chilling footage released today shows one of the London Bridge terrorists shopping for £6 knives and £2.49 rosé wine in Lidl as he planned to murder people with Molotov cocktails. 

Khuram Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and Youssef Zaghba, 22, killed eight people when they drove a van into pedestrians and stabbed others in the  Bridge area on June 3, 2017.  

The trio had originally intended to target shoppers on Oxford Street using a hired 7.5-tonne lorry but changed their plan at the eleventh hour.  

CCTV shown to the Old Bailey inquest today shows Redouane buying bottles of wine which he filled with petrol, and 12in knives – which were later used to murder bystanders – from a Lidl store in East Ham in the days leading up to the massacre.  

They also had a lethal arsenal of weapons in their Hertz rental van, blow torches and fake suicide vests, and planned to set off a firestorm of Molotov cocktails during their sickening rampage. 

Police found 29 bags of gravel in the van, which had been placed in the back in a bid to increase its weight and inflict more severe injuries. Two blowtorches with canisters containing a mixture of butane and propane were also recovered. 

The inquest into the London Bridge deaths began on May 7 and has already heard details of the eight victims and a narrative of the night of terror. 

A mobile phone found in the van they used for the attack had Oxford Street set as its destination, and an arrival time in 10 minutes.

The men drove once across the bridge before doubling back and driving across a third time to launch their attack on London Bridge and through Borough Market.

Jonathan Hough QC, said there was ‘nothing to indicate that London Bridge was a target, it is possible that it was identified en route, and the first pass was the first reconnaissance.‘

In the footwell of the van police later found 13 bottles of fruity rosé wine which Redouane had bought in two boxes from Lidl and filled with petrol.

He had bought the pink ceramic knives from the same shop on May 15, two weeks before the attack, and his DNA was found on the fake suicide belts the men wore, suggesting he had made them.

Thirteen bottles of rosé (including this one), were found in the footwell of the killers‘ rental van, each filled with highly flammable fuel

The men met at the Ummah Fitness Centre, a gym where Butt worked, shortly after midnight on May 29, five days before the attack.

Redouane placed his phone on a crate outside the entrance to the gym to avoid surveillance and the three men walked along a nearby street in conversation.

All three men were back at the gym together shortly after 10pm on the evening of June 2, the day before the attacks. 

The court was shown CCTV of the attackers making their final preparations.

In the footage, married Butt and Redouane appeared to play the role of doting fathers with their young children hours before unleashing carnage.

Butt spent the morning playing with his two-year-old son and month-old daughter in his local park with his wife.

CCTV footage shows him lifting his son up as he withdraws £170 from an ATM to pay for the hire of the van.

Mr Hough said: ‘These are domestic scenes which cannot be more different from the night‘s events that follow.‘

Butt had changed into an Arsenal away top with the name Kool-K and the number 4 on the back after earlier taking his son and baby daughter to the park with his wife. 

CCTV footage showed Redouane with his young daughter as he went with Butt to hire the van for the attack. 

Redouane was seen playing football with his daughter, who he was looking after while his former partner, Charisse O‘Leary, was at a family barbecue.

Earlier Butt had made a booking at S and J self-drive for an Iveco 7.5 ton lorry but never collected it, possibly because the branch had closed at 11am that day.

Footage from Lidl on May 15 showed Redouane entering in a red and black coloured jacket with beanie hat at 9.59pm and picking up basket, which he wheeled around as he casually walked down the aisle.

A member of staff put the knives through the self-service till for him and dropped them into a carrier bag. 


Who were the victims of the London Bridge terror attack? 

Ignacio Echeverria

Spaniard Ignacio Echeverria was stabbed to death as he tried to fight off the terrorist attackers with his skateboard.

The 39-year-old had been in the UK for over a year was working as a financial crime analyst at HSBC.

Mr Echeverria joined unarmed police constables Wayne Marques and Charlie Guenigault in fighting off the three attackers as they set upon Marie Bondeville, hitting at least one terrorist with his skateboard.

‘His courageous efforts were to seek to stop the attack,‘ Chief Coroner Mark Lucraft said.

Kirsty Boden

Mr Echeverria was the youngest of five siblings and was a Catholic who went to mass every week. He could speak English, German and French fluently. 

Nurse Kirsty Boden was fatally stabbed as she tried to tend to the wounded and the dying.

Miss Boden, 28, moved to London in 2013 from the small town of Loxton, in South Australia.

She was a senior staff nurse at Guy‘s and St Thomas‘ Hospital and lived with her British boyfriend James Hodder in a flat in Hampstead.

Mr Hodder said: ‘She loved people and loved her life helping others. To Kirsty, her actions that night would have been an extension of how she lived her life.‘ 

Alexandre Pigeard

Alexandre Pigeard was working as a waiter at Boro Bistro when he was attacked.

The 26-year-old Frenchman had moved to London to further his ambitions as a dance music DJ.

Minutes before he was fatally stabbed, he video-called his father Philippe during a break from work at the French restaurant.

Mr Pigeard had planned to return to France in the autumn of 2017 to help open a restaurant in Nantes and to record an EP with his musician father.

Mr Pigeard senior told the inquest: ‘I‘m present here as a devastated father who has lost a child in such circumstances – an inconsolable father.‘  

James McMullan

James McMullan was stabbed in the chest near the Barrowboy and Banker pub while he was celebrating getting financial backing for his online education company.

The British-Filipino entrepreneur was watching the Champions League final with friends in the pub.

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The 32-year-old, from Hackney in East London, was attacked when he stepped outside to have a cigarette.

He had dreamed of helping children without access to education through his e-learning company.

Mr McMullan‘s father Simon described his son as ‘funny, charming and clever‘ and said ‘his fearlessness could never be underestimated‘. 

Sebastien Belanger

The mother of chef Sebastien Belanger said she does not forgive the terrorists who ‘mutilated and killed him‘.

Her 36-year-old son was drinking at the Boro Bistro when he was stabbed repeatedly in the chest.

His mother Josiane Belanger said: ‘We miss him so much, his smile, his joie de vivre. I do not forgive what they did to him.‘

Originally from Angers in western France, Mr Belanger started work at the Coq d‘Argent in the City and was promoted to the role of head chef. 

Australian au pair Sara Zelenak was on the ‘trip of a lifetime‘ when she was stabbed to death while on a night out with a friend.

Sara Zelenak

Miss Zelenak‘s mother Julie Wallace said ‘every sliding door‘ put her daughter in ‘harm‘s way‘.

‘She was meant to be working and at the last minute she got the night off,‘ Mrs Wallace said.

‘At 10pm Sara‘s phone rang and her friend said ‘I‘ve finished at the rugby‘ and so she left her safe haven and walked out into a terrorist attack and was stabbed to death.‘

Before leaving for UK in March 2017, Miss Zelenak worked with her stepfather Mark as a crane truck operator in Brisbane to save up for her trip.

Her parents have since set up Sarz Sanctuary to help other families to cope with grief.

Xavier Thomas

Xavier Thomas was walking over London Bridge with his girlfriend Christine Delcros when they were hit by the van.

The 45-year-old father-of-two was catapulted into the Thames and his girlfriend suffered life-changing injuries. His body was recovered downstream three days later.

Mr Thomas, who had arrived in London on the day of the attack, lived near Paris and worked for American Express.

Miss Delcros said: ‘Since Xavier disappeared in such tragic and traumatic circumstances our whole world has fallen apart.‘

Canadian tourist Christine Archibald told her fiance Tyler Ferguson she loved him seconds before she was mowed down.

Christine Archibald

Miss Archibald and Mr Ferguson were walking across London Bridge after dinning at a nearby restaurant when the atrocity unfolded.

Her fiancé said: ‘At one point Chrissy stopped me out of nowhere, grabbed me close and gave me a passionate kiss after telling me she loved me.

‘I remember it being a warm summer‘s evening and the sun had just gone down.. And then the attack took place and Chrissy was killed.

‘No words can express how I felt when this happened. I was absolutely devastated and inconsolable. Nothing has ever been the same since.‘

Miss Archibald‘s engagement ring was lost during the attack, but later recovered from the bridge. Mr Ferguson now wears it on a chain around his neck. 

Timeline of terror: How killers planned deadly rampage which claimed the lives of eight people

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley told the Old Bailey today about the men‘s preparations in the days leading up to the attack.

January 14, 2017: All three attackers were working together. They regularly trained at the Ummah Fitness Centre in Ilford, east London, and went on Sunday swimming trips to nearby Stratford

May 14: Redouane was pictured at Butt‘s barbecue celebrating the birth of his daughter

May 15: Pink 12in Ernesto ceramic knives were bought by Redouane at Lidl in East Ham at 10.15pm 

May 29: The attackers were seen on CCTV footage meeting at the fitness centre

May 30: Redouane went back to the same Lidl to buy wine bottles for the makeshift bombs. The mock suicide vests worn by the attackers were made from four bottles covered in silver tape attached to a brown belt.

DNA analysis suggested Redouane made the fake suicide belts, with help from Zaghba, the court heard.

June 3, 11am: On the day of the attack, Butt made an online booking to hire a van from Hertz. He had tried to hire a 7.5-tonne lorry but the branch he asked to collect it from had closed at 11am that day, the court heard. 

Midday: Shortly before midday, Butt had gone walking with his family in a park. He was captured on CCTV withdrawing cash to hire the van, accompanied by his oldest child. The young boy was shown tugging at Butt‘s shirt before his father gathered him into his arms at the cashpoint.  

5.50pm: They arrived at the B&Q store in Romford and parked up next to the van. Redouane‘s red Corsa was later seen arriving at the B&Q in Harold Hill, Romford, to collect the van. 

The attackers also bought 29 bags of gravel, which were put in the back of the vehicle to add weight. 

They left the B&Q at 6.34pm, with Zaghba driving the van and Butt in the front passenger seat, while Redouane followed with his daughter in the Corsa. Redouane dropped off his child before joining the others at Zaghba‘s home in Fairfield Road in Ilford.

7.45pm: The attackers stopped off in the van at a Shell garage at 7.54pm, where they bought diesel, drinks and snack bars before heading to Butt‘s Barking address. 

8.10pm: The vehicle stopped for 10 minutes, leaving at 8.20pm and arriving at Butt‘s flat where Butt and Redouane loaded some chairs that had been left outside the block and Butt added a red suitcase. 

8.55pm: The men set off towards central London, but missed the turning for the A12 and had to double back, before leaving at the Bow Flyover to join the A11.

9.32pm: They drove down Whitechapel Road, and entered the City at 9.32pm along Fenchurch Street, before driving a circuitous route around Fenchurch Avenue, onto Leadenhall Street and then Gracechurch Street.

9.58pm: They were at London Bridge, but continued over the bridge and down Borough High Street before turning around at Marshalsea Road, returning.

10.06pm: At Monument Station on the north bank, they turned around again and then drove south over the bridge again, mounting the curb at 10.06pm. 

10.17pm: Within 10 minutes, they had killed eight people and injured many more before they were shot dead by police marksmen.   




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