Kirstie Allsopp warns people not to paint their homes ‘fashionable‘ grey as she‘s yet to see it done ‘successfully‘ – but homeowners hit back with snaps of their neutral walls

It‘s the colour of the moment when it comes to interior design, but Kirstie Allsopp is controversially not a fan of grey.

The Location, Location, Location host sparked a heated debate on Twitter earlier today when she warned people to ‘think twice‘ about painting their homes in the popular shade.

Mother-of-two Kirstie, 47, said even the ‘palest grey‘ paint should be carefully considered, adding: ‘It seems to be very fashionable at the moment and I‘ve yet to see it done successfully.‘

In response, dozens of Twitter users hit back with photographs of their own homes, all painted in a range of grey shades.

Many defended their choice of the colour for their interior walls and accessories, with one writing: ‘We went grey – Plummett Grey by Farrow & Ball. Personally I think it looks a bit marvellous!‘

Another tweeted: ‘You can pop round to mine Kirstie. Hopefully I‘ll change your mind,‘ alongside a photo of her stunning hallway painted in a pale shade of the colour.

And one wrote: ‘Can‘t agree with you, Kirstie. I went for pale grey and white because I have lots of pictures and things in bright colours. They need a neutral background and I HATE beige, magnolia etc!‘

Another shared a shot of her bathroom painted in ‘polished pebble‘ – though Kirstie was quick to point out: ‘That‘s not what I call grey.‘ 

Some people did agree with her view, with a number commenting that the colour is overrated.

One tweeted: ‘Every house I‘ve seen recently that‘s been done up to sell is what my older neighbour calls a “50 shades of grey”. It can look OK but it‘s not for me, I need colour! 

‘Can‘t help but think in a few years it‘ll be the new terracotta and lemon walls with geometric border round the middle.‘ 

Another commented: ‘Oh I agree! It looks great in glossy magazines but really dull in reality.‘ 

But one person pointed out: ‘I think it is how you accessorise! We‘ve gone grey in our living room but have lots of wonderful colour in furniture, photography, art, mirrors.‘

Another argued: ‘Mine is grey against white woodwork and had professional decorators do it. Looks fab!

‘So do friends and family that have also decorated theirs grey! Everyone will have their own personal views.‘ 

Kirstie did admit to liking some of the homes shared that are painted grey, but pointed out they were offset with white or a paler shade than she was referencing in her initial tweet.

The outspoken presenter previously sparked a furious social media debate after claiming there is ‘no earthly reason‘ to disinfect our homes because ‘some dirt is essential‘.

She argued the home is ‘not a hospital‘ and laid into disinfectant Zoflora, famously loved by cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.