Killer whales dazzle a family on sailboat with spectacular display before dragging A SEAL beneath the vessel in Canada

A family were left stunned when a pod of giant killer whales swam underneath their boat – with one of them dragging a seal. 

Screams of excitement could be heard coming from Bradford Pope McArthur, who captured the magical encounter from atop of the boat‘s mast.

In the breathtaking footage, shot off the southeastern corner of Gabier Island in Howe Sound, British Columbia, , the family of whales initially making a few blows in the distance, before coming closer and closer to the boat.

Mr AcArthur had taken the boat out of gear minutes earlier, and as the orcas playfully approached the idle vessel on May 8, the 32-year-old‘s excitement grew as he shouted down to fiancée Ebba Hassel and her family, ‘Oh my god – it‘s going to swim under the boat!‘

Adding to the shock of the moment, as the orcas emerged on the other side of the 30ft steel sloop, the explorer noticed that one of the larger killer whales was carrying a seal.

The younger orcas then playfully breached out of the water and blew rainbows, causing Mr McArthur, Ebba and her family – her mother Annika Hassel and brother, Axel Hassel – to yell with excitement.

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This trip on the boat, La Montana, was the last for the 32-year-old, who has lived on the vessel for six years, before it is sold and the adventurer will embark on a new multi-year project.

That project will, according to Mr McArthur, focus on ‘our relationship with the environment, society and governance toward a more compassionate and equitable society.‘

Speaking of the orca encounter, he said: ‘I‘ve seen orca in many different oceans all over the world, but because of being with family, our transition in life, the orcas closeness and their playfulness, it was difficult to fully comprehend.

‘These orcas act as such a wonderful representative of the greatness of our planet and oceans.

‘Hopefully this video inspires a few people to perhaps alter habits or purchasing decisions to benefit our difficult times ahead.

‘I tend to get quite excited about certain things, maybe the kid inside of me is still alive and well?

‘Either way, I think our time with family, and it being a farewell cruise as we embark on new directions in life, it made everything that much more heightened.‘