Japanese man travelling from Bogota dies on an Aeromexico flight after swallowing 246 bags of cocaine

A Japanese man died on an Aeromexico flight after 246 packets of cocaine – later found in his stomach and intestines – caused his brain to swell. 

The 42-year-old began having convulsions mid-air and flight attendants organised for the Boeing 787/8 to be diverted to Hermosillo in northern .

The flight was going from Bogota in Colombia to Narita Airport in Tokyo, with a scheduled stopover in Mexico City. 

It was when the plane left the capital that the man had seizures mid-air, causing the diversion to Hermosillo International Airport, where he was reported dead.  

‘Flight attendants noticed a person suffering convulsions and requested permission to make an emergency landing in Hermosillo, Sonora,‘ Mexican authorities said of the man – identified only as ‘Udo N‘. 

‘When the plane landed at 2:25am on Friday, paramedics boarded it and declared Udo N deceased.‘ 

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Macabre pictures show paramedics in Sonora state removing the body from the airliner, and putting it into a specialised vehicle. 

An autopsy found the man had swallowed 246 packets of cocaine, each measuring 1cm by 2.5cm.

The plane was carrying 198 other passengers and after the emergency landing in northern Mexico, it continued on to Japan. 

Mexico‘s federal authorities will take over the subsequent investigation. 

‘The body of the traveler did not present other signs of violence that could cause the death; other studies will be carried out in the Pathology area of ​​the General Hospital of the State to rule out health problems,‘ read an official statement. 

Drug cartels often deploy a ‘mule‘ tactic, encouraging people to swallow tightly wrapped packets of narcotics. 

This technique can have fatal consequences when the packaging bursts. 

Last year, a Brazilian student died after one of the cocaine pellets he swallowed inside him when he was flying from Lisbon to Dublin, the Irish Times reported.