Is this the new Grumpy Cat? Feline with a permanent scowl is winning comparisons to the late social media star – but his owner insists he‘s really ‘sweet and playful‘

A Persian cat that constantly looks angry is being dubbed the new ‘Grumpy Cat‘ by his social media followers.   

Louis, a six-year-old Persian cat from Austin, , has amassed a devoted online following thanks to his irresistibly irritated face. 

While his 3,000-strong Instagram fan club is still far short of the 2.7million enjoyed by the original Grumpy Cat, Louis‘ supporters believe he has what it takes to be the next big social media star. 

Owner Michelle Alexis, 26, a medical scribe, said: ‘Louis is a full breed Persian but people often ask if he has a genetic disorder because they think his facial features are an exception, but he is completely normal.

‘People usually react saying he looks like a human old man! They love his big “marble eyes”that he squints often.‘

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Part of the reason behind Louis‘ grumpiness might be his love-hate relationship with Michelle‘s other cat Monae, who is a Lynx Point Siamese.

In fact, Michelle says Monae has always had the upper hand over poor Louis.

Michelle said: ‘When we got Monae she was a baby and Louis was a full grown cat, and yet she bullied him for two months straight.

‘She even tackles and picks at him, but really she loves him. Louis is now referred to as the “new Grumpy Cat,” but he is actually very sweet, happy and playful.

‘He loves to snuggle and give head rubs, he will chase lasers and play with toys.‘

Louis seems a worthy successor to Grumpy Cat – real name Tardar Sauce – who passed away in 17 May from an infection.  

The fickle feline shot to fame in 2012 in a YouTube video that received 15.7 million views, and went on to amass a $100M fortune for her former-waitress owner Tabatha Bundesen.

The internet sensation was born with feline dwarfism and an underbite, which caused her famous expression.