Intel (INTC) has released a patch for the ZombieLoad vulnerability, which affects almost every computer powered by one of the company’s chips as far back as 2011, according to media reports on Tuesday.

If exploited, ZombieLoad will allow hackers to steal sensitive information directly from processors. Intel said ZombieLoad is made up of four bugs, which security researchers reported to the company last month.

The microcode that Intel has released patches vulnerable processors, including Intel Xeon, Intel Broadwell, Sandy Bridge, Skylake and Haswell chips, Intel Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Whiskey Lake and Cascade Lake chips, and all Atom and Knights processors.

A spokesperson for Intel told TechCrunch that after installing the patch, devices will see performance reduced by as much as 3%, and data centers by as much as 9%. The spokesperson, however, said that the impact will unlikely be noticeable in most scenarios.

Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Google (GOOGL, GOOG) have also released patches to address the ZombieLoad vulnerability.