Cannes superyacht tragedy: British man, 29, dies in ‘horrific‘ high speed collision between two luxury boats in bay outside the harbour at 9pm on last day of film festival

A 29-year-old British superyacht crew member died after suffering ‘severe trauma‘ when his ship collided with another at high speed.

The Minx yacht was just off the coast of an island in the Cannes Bay when it made impact with the Vision yacht yesterday at 9pm on the last night in Cannes. 

The dead crewman was lifting the anchor of the £3.7million London-registered Minx when he was hit, said an investigating source. 

The captain of the Vision is French and currently in custody in Cannes. 

‘It was still light, and visibility was excellent, but this did not prevent the collision,’ said an investigating source.

The Minx, which was flying a British flag, had a party of nine UK nationals on board, with survivors all said to be ‘in a state of deep shock’, according to the source.

‘Medical stuff tried to resuscitate a 29-year-old British man but he was declared dead following a cardiac arrest,’ said an investigating source.

‘Passengers and other crew members witnessed the collision which was quite horrific’ the source added.

French prosecutors announced earlier today that they would investigate the collision, which happened on the last night of the resort’s annual film festival.

Cannes Bay is full of yachts during the festival, and everything is done to try and regulate speeds. 

‘A trauma unit was set up for those who saw what happened. Both yachts were very badly damaged on their bows, but were able to sail back to port afterwards. There was no leakage of fuel.’

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The victim was described as an ‘experienced member of the crew on the Minx’, which is rented out for events such as the Cannes Film Festival for €55,000 (£48,000) a week, excluding food, alcohol, tips and fuel.

Both vessels are marketed as Superyachts, and have crews of 15.

The Minx is five years old and described as being an ‘ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends.’

The Vision, which was built in 2011, had recently arrived in Cannes from Monaco.

‘He was a crew member on the Minx, a yacht that was at anchor in the Cannes bay area. The other yacht involved was the Vision, which was manoeuvring at the time.’

It is not known exactly how the unidentified victim came to die, said the source, who added that 17 passengers on both yachts were ‘soon evacuated to the mainland’.

The captains and other crew members of the Minx and Vision – which are both around 20 meters (65ft) long – were meanwhile being interviewed at length.

An investigation has now been started by the Maritime Prosecutor of Marseilles, in conjunction with the Maritime Gendarmerie Research Brigade.

The boats were just north of the Ile St Marguerite – a Mediterranean island just off Cannes which is full of party yachts at the weekend, especially during the film festival.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: ‘Our staff are assisting the family of a British man following his death in France, and are in with the local authorities.‘ 

Saturday was the last day of this year’s show, when stars from all over the world, including Hollywood, descend on Cannes for a week or film releases, prizes and parties.



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