Ultra-rare first edition of children‘s classic book ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio‘ published in 1883 could be yours for £12,000 (with no strings attached)


An extremely rare first edition of the classic children‘s book ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio‘ has emerged for sale for £12,000.

The 1883 edition features drawings of the protagonist with his trademark elongated nose caused by his frequent lies.

Written by the author Carlo Collodi, the 240 page novel was published in his native Italian by Felice Paggi in Florence.

This is the incredibly rare first edition of the Adventures of Pinocchio, printed in Italy in 1883 in author Carlo Collodi‘s native language. The book, which is going under the hammer tomorrow is expected to sell for around £12,000

The book features 61 illustrations and has been in the private collection of an Italian family for the past 50 years

The book quickly became a best seller and was reprinted 12 times due to the ongoing demand for the classic story

The book featured Pinocchio, pictured, whose nose would grow whenever he was forced to tell a lie

It contains 61 illustrations and the publisher‘s adverts at the end, with some browning to the pages and small tears.

His creation was famously turned into a Disney film in 1940 and the character remains a cultural icon to this day.

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The book will go under the hammer with Chiswick Auctions, of London.

It comes from a private Italian collection, having been in that family for at least 50 years.

Carmen Doria, specialist at Chiswick Auctions, said: ‘This is a rare first edition in book form of Collodi‘s masterpiece, originally published in installments in the ‘Il Giornale per i bambini‘ starting on July 7, 1881.

‘The Adventures of Pinocchio appeared in the weekly magazine up to chapter 15, the remaining part being published for the first time by Paggi in 1883.

‘The Adventures of Pinocchio‘ quickly became a bestseller, with no less than twelve reprints.

‘The last copies appeared at auction in Italian auction houses.

The book was made into a film by Walt Disney in 1940, pictured. The books have so far sold 35million copies across the globe

‘In Italy Collodi‘s work is really considered of national importance and back in the times you would have found a copy of the novel in almost each family with children.‘

Pinocchio, which extols the virtues of being ‘brave‘ and ‘truthful‘, has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide.

The sale takes place tomorrow.