‘Fantasist known as Nick‘ behind VIP Westminster sex ring claims ‘wept as he helped police artist draw e-fits of boys who never existed whom he said had been killed by MP Harvey Proctor‘

Carl Beech, 51, of Gloucester, arrives at Worcester Crown Court on March 8 last year

A ‘fantasist‘ accused of inventing a VIP Westminster sex ring helped detectives draw up e-fits of boys he claimed had been murdered by the MP Harvey Proctor and others, a court heard today.

Carl Beech, 51, sobbed through the graphic accounts he gave of the horrifying murders of three young boys during 20 hours of police interviews.

But prosecutors say the accounts – and the boys themselves – were fictitious.

Beech, from Gloucester, sat with e-fit artist Detective Constable Tony Barnes in November 2014 and described in detail the boys who he claimed to have watched being murdered in sadistic attacks at unknown addresses.

The boys in the photographs were described by police as ‘Homicide 2‘ and Homicide 3‘ because Beech was unable to give their names, where they were from or any detail on their accents.

He told police he didn‘t know the names of two of the boys who were killed, but mentioned others by name including ‘Duncan‘ and ‘Fred‘.

When asked whether he spoke to the boys or knew anything about them, Beech told Detective Sergeant James Townly: ‘When you got a chance to say anything it was to see if they were OK.

‘Not where they are from, none of the niceties like that, it was ‘Are you OK? Are you hurting?‘, trying to look out for each other and sometimes we‘d get a name.‘

Beech detailed three murders in total.

He said the first was a hit and run by ‘The Group‘ which involved a boy called Scott, who was mown down by a car as he walked away from primary school with Beech in around 1979.

The second was in around 1981 when he gave a tearful account of seeing him murdered by former Billericay Tory MP Mr Proctor, now 71.

Beech told police: ‘Harvey raped him. I pleaded with them to stop but they didn‘t listen. They said it would be me next, Harvey grabbed me he put me onto the table and raped me.

‘Harvey put his hands around his neck, he (the murdered boy) reached for my hand . He gave up, he gave up he didn‘t struggle, his grip lessened.

‘I couldn‘t do anything, I couldn‘t do anything. He died. I could still feel his hand in my hand. They left the room again, he wouldn‘t wake up. When they came back in they laughed, they just laughed and he was just laid there.‘

In the third murder he gave a similarly detailed account of watching a boy being beaten to death by Mr Proctor and an unnamed other man whilst former home secretary Lord Brittan sat watching.

The ‘fantasist‘ helped detectives draw up e-fits of boys he claimed had been murdered by the MP Harvey Proctor (above) and others

Detective Constable Barnes went through the lengthy process of drawing up the e-fits with Beech.

DC Barnes is the Met‘s only e-fit expert and said he produces around 300 to 350 images a year mostly for the most serious of offences such as murder, serious sexual offences and terrorism.

DC Barnes said the experience with Beech was the only time in his 10 years as an e-fit artist that he had drawn up images of alleged victims of crime.

Under Beech‘s guidance DC Barnes created computer images of two blue eyed boys.

The first had dark hair and wore a dark round-necked top, whilst the second was blonde and wore a white polo shirt.

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DC Barnes said that Beech was specific in his instructions. He said: ‘He asked me to add a furrow to the brow of the first image (the dark haired boy) which I did.

‘During the process with Nick he was engaging, he appeared very nervous to me but was engaging in answering everything I asked him.‘

DC Barnes said each witness who he dealt with would be asked to give the image a score out of 10, with 10 being an exact replica.

If the score was below seven the images would not be printed for evidence – but Beech passed the seven threshold and the images became part of the enquiry.

DC Barnes said: ‘They are not my images, I am there to assist, it is what the witness tells me the person looks like. they should be getting clearer to what they remember seeing with every stage.‘

On December 18, 2014 Beech received words of support from the Metropolitan Police officer who had heard his allegedly false confessions.

A senior officer with the force described Beech‘s allegations as ‘credible and true‘ – whilst Beech‘s trial at Newcastle Crown Court has been told they were the opposite – ‘incredible and untrue.‘

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said the allegations against the likes of ex Prime Minister Edward Heath, former home secretary Leon Brittan, former Commander-in-Chief of the Army Lord Bramall and ex-MP Mr Proctor were ‘heinous.‘

Giving evidence, Detective Sergeant James Townly said he and a fellow officer, Detective Constable James Lowe, had built a ‘rapport‘ with Beech since first meeting him in November 2014 when he began his disclosures to them.

And Beech told them he preferred to deal with only those two officers as the investigation progressed.

On December 18, Detective Sergeant Townly emailed Beech saying: ‘James and I appreciate how hard this is for you and will do everything we can to help and reassure you. Try to remain positive, you have come so far.‘

Beech is on trial for claiming £22,000 criminal injuries compensation under false pretences and perverting the course of justice through lies which implicated Sir Edward, Mr Brittan, Lord Bramall and the heads of MI5 and MI6.

Previously the trial has been told Beech falsely claimed he had been raped by senior army officers and the disgraced television presenter Jimmy Savile.

He told the Metropolitian Police that around 15 men attended weekly abuse parties all over the South of England, including the late former Tory PM Ted Heath‘s yacht, exclusive clubs and Dolphin Square, where many MPs lived near Westminster. 

Beech also said former MI5 and MI6 heads tortured him by tipping spiders over him, gave him electric shocks and threw darts at him. And he alleged the former Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan was also part of the ring. 

His claims led to the Met Police launching Operation Midland, which cost £2million and was dropped after 16 months without anyone being charged.

It was then that Northumbria Police were called in to investigate Beech and unpicked his alleged web of deceit, the court has heard. 

He denies 12 charges of perverting justice and one of fraud by falsely claiming £22,000 criminal injuries compensation. 

When the Met asked Northumbria Police to investigate Beech in 2016, cops raided the rented three-bedroom house in Gloucester where he lived with his son. 

They discovered on the drive a new £34,000 white Ford Mustang convertible which was bought with the compensation cash he received, it is alleged.

Beech is said to have later fled to Sweden but was tracked down and extradited back to the UK to face justice. The trial continues


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