‘Secret Crush is a disaster waiting to happen!‘ Social media decides new creepy Tinder-like Facebook app that allows FRIENDS to match will be just ‘another public platform of embarrassment‘

Social media users on Tuesday expressed their displeasure at Facebook‘s decision to launch Secret Crush, pointing out that a lot could go wrong as the website encourages friends to take things one step further in perhaps the most awkward way.

The network claimed the move came after people told them they believe there‘s an opportunity to explore potential romantic relationships within their own extended circle of friends and those using Secret Crush will be able to select up to nine existing connections to express interest in.

If two Facebook users appear on each other‘s Secret Crush list, it‘s a match. Although the concept is much like dating app Tinder, that and other brands present accounts from outside of the participants‘ online networks.

The infiltration of online dating to Facebook appeared to prove too much for social media enthusiasts following the announcement and many pointed out it wasn‘t in keeping with Mark Zuckerberg‘s simultaneous comment at the F8 Conference in San Jose, , that he believes ‘the future is private‘.

‘Facebook reveals new Secret Crush feature, so now you can use Facebook to find out that the guy you knew in high school has become a gun nut who thinks Democrats want to eat babies AND he thinks you‘re very pretty,‘ one Twitter user posted.

‘I was really hoping to pull this up and see it was posted April 1, because how many of us have creeped our secret crush‘s FB and didn‘t want to be detected. Who me no of course not,‘ one tweet read.

Another joked: ‘Adding my grandma on secret crush as a bit and then finding out she added me back… f**ked up.‘

Others hinted that aside from being unwanted and unnecessary, it has potential to make the website a less enjoyable experience for those unlucky in love via other mediums.

One even alluded to the feature being a starting point for potential predators to target victims, predicting it‘s ‘where Forensic Files episodes will start for the next generation‘. 

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‘I assure you none of my crushes are secret, and even less of them are my Facebook pals lol,‘ Marissa Mendez tweeted. 

Another wrote: ‘Fantastic, another public platform of embarrassment for me (since I will be clearly no one‘s secret crush ever).‘ 

Facebook has insisted the feature won‘t result in unwanted attention. They said if your crush isn‘t on Facebook Dating – where users can opt in to discover potential matches within Facebook communities via events, groups, friends of friends and more – a crush will go undetected.

If a person on a crush list opts into Facebook Dating, they will get a notification saying that someone has a crush on them.

However if they don‘t create a Secret Crush list or don‘t put a person on their list, no one will know their name has been entered.

Users can include up to nine people as a Secret Crush and once nine are on the list, one must be removed to make space for a new crush. Only one additional name can be added per day. 

While it reduces the likelihood of mass matching, it doesn‘t stop trolls purposely targeting people they know to register false interest and potentially use it as a tool for bullying however.   

Facebook told DailyMail that users are able to block or report from inside Dating messages or from their Dating Profile if they don‘t want to interact any longer.

A representative shared that messages are also limited to text only to prevent someone from sending inappropriate photos and links.  

They said anything in Facebook Dating will not be used outside of the feature at all and it will not affect ads or what users see in News Feed algorithm. 

Only those 18 and over can use Facebook Dating.

It was only available in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico until Tuesday when it expanded to 14 new countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname. 

The Facebook rep told DailyMail they are looking forward to rolling out in other countries and plan to launch in the US the by the end of the year.