Tenant reveals landlord’s list of VERY strict rules banning guests, drinking alcohol and cooking after 9.30pm – and outraged Facebook users ask if ‘he‘s renting a prison cell‘

While a landlord will always have certain requirements for their tenants, one property owner has outraged the internet with a list of very bizarre demands for those renting their property. 

The list of ‘terms and conditions‘ was shared on the Facebook group ‘awful roomates: roomates from hell‘, by Jessica Marteny from North Carolina, and has attracted more than 450 comments from outraged users. 

It started with reasonable demands such as limiting noise levels, keeping the place clean and not taking drugs on the property. 

However, the landlord also banned drinking in the house – not that tenants would be doing any entertaining, as guests were also banned.  

‘No one is permitted on the property but those residing at the residence,‘ the third rule read.

Tenants were also barred from cooking after 9.30pm in the home, which was also under ‘24-hour video surveillance‘, and adjusting the thermostat if they got cold.  

Expanding on the rules, the landlord wrote: ‘Rides must stop at the end of the driveway and let you off accordingly. If your ride lingers or comes onto the driveway it is considered trespassing and will be handled as such due to posted signs on the property.‘ 

Another outlandish rule stated that tenants were not allowed to cook after 9:30pm until 6am on weekdays and until 9:30am on weekends. The list did not offer explanation for the very restricted cooking times. 

Worryingly, it also mentioned that the property was under constant video surveillance, which ‘includes IR [infrared camera] during the night.‘

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If tenants got cold, they were also banned from adjusting the thermostat and advised to get a blanket instead.  

Facebook users were shocked by the list, with many pointing out how unreasonable the demands really were. 

‘Is this guy renting a prison cell,‘ asked one Facebook user. 

‘What if you have a partner? They can‘t come over???? And no cooking before 9:30 on a weekend? What if you work on the weekend in the morning and wanna cook breakfast,‘ another asked.

‘Or what if you… you know… get hungry? If you want to pay rent to live like you‘re a teenager, you might as well stay at your parents,‘ she went on. 

‘This person should not be a landlord,‘ one wrote.  

‘Do. Not. Live. There. Pretty sure this guy‘s got at least one body in the basement. Sorry but if I wanna crack a White Claw and make a grilled cheese art 9:30pm with the window open, I‘m gonna. Whhhat the actual f**** this is so creepy something is wrong here. Like, NO GUESTS? Sorry but noo thank you. 

‘The no guest rule really gets me. Imagine your family visiting you and wanting to see your new place and you get evicted immediately because of that,‘ observed another. 

But some users pointed out the landlord might be protecting themselves after previous bad experiences.

‘I don‘t know, after reading some of the stuff that goes on, it kinda makes you wonder what that dude has been through with roommates,‘ commented a sympathetic user, ‘Seems like he‘s trying to cover things that have been issues before.‘ 

‘Some of these are reasonable or could have logical causes (no drinking or drugs, for example, maybe a person is in recovery and can‘t have them in the house).‘