Ahh nuts! Six F-35 Military jets ‘accidentally‘ draw a huge penis in the sky during dog-fighting training stunt with officials claiming the trail came as a result of a ‘normal flight pattern‘

Six F-35 fighter jet pilots dog-fighting above the skies of an Arizona Air Force base left behind questionable contrails resembling male genitalia on Tuesday – but officials insist the garish symmetrical sky doodle was just an unfortunate accident.

Social media was left astir after a number of residents surrounding the Luke Air Force Base Maricopa County snapped pictures of the hovering penis-shaped trail, questioning whether it had been crafted as part of an elaborate joke.

However, unlike previous incidents involving military aircraft being used to create explicit images, base officials have denied that the stunt was premeditated and insist the unsightly trail came as a result of normal flight maneuvers.

‘We‘ve seen the photos that have been circulating online from Tuesday afternoon,’ said a spokesperson from the base in an emailed statement. ‘The 56th Fighter Wing senior leadership reviewed the training tapes from the flight and confirmed…there was no nefarious or inappropriate behavior during the training flight.

‘The flight audio was reviewed by senior leadership, and it confirmed the statements by the pilots explaining what happened,’ the spokesperson added.

According to officials from the base, a four-ship ‘red air’ aggressor team squared off with a two-ship blue team in a dogfight on May 28.

During the duel, the red air team pulled back, requiring the blue team to come back around before re-engaging in the dogfight.

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‘The contrails were made by the 2-ship as they were beginning the fight with the 4-ship and then told to hold off, causing them to hook to re-position before then beginning the fight again, causing them to hook once more,’ the statement continued.

The unconventional flight pattern then caused the phallic pattern to form in the sky. What hasn’t been shown in the images circulated on social media, the spokesperson said, is a ‘third vertical contrail’ parallel to the perceived penis.

Tuesday‘s accidental incident comes in the wake of a trend seen frequently last year, where aerial exercises conducted by US military officials resulted in genital shapes temporarily blemishing the sky.

In October 2018, two Marines on the West-Coast were investigated and later punished by superiors after they meticulously planned and executed a flight pattern that resembled the male sex organ.

They were reassigned to ground duties and issued administrative discipline, according to Marine Corps officials.

A commander from the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota was relieved of his duty in November, after sexually explicit and phallic drawings were seen during a deployment to an Air Base in Qatar.

Lt. Col. Paul Goossen of the 69th Bomb Squadron attempted to stop his fellow airmen from drawing ‘d***s everywhere,’ according to the investigation, which included penis drawings discovered on a moving map displayed on the B-52‘s Combat Network Communication Technology cockpit software.

Tuesday marked the first time that an F-35 has been involved in such an investigation.

The versatile and stealthy aircraft – which can travel at supersonic speed – is considered a personal favorite of Donald Trump’s, who calls the F-35 ‘invisible’.