Jewellery designer sees ‘phenomenal‘ rise in sales after Duchess of Cambridge wore her £320 pearl earrings

Many businesses these days pay ‘influencers’ such as film stars or social media celebrities to advertise their goods to try to dramatically improve sales.

However, it seems that there is no better advert for your products than a royal seal of approval.

Jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas said she saw a ‘phenomenal’ rise in sales of her brand, Annoushka, after a pair of her pearl earrings were worn by the .

Miss Ducas, 53, said there was ‘traffic from all over the world’ to her website after Kate was pictured wearing the £320 18-carat yellow gold and freshwater pearl baroque drops.

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She revealed the duchess had seen them in store and someone returned to buy them for her a little later. Kate then wore them on engagements including during her tour of Australia in 2014 and at a state visit by Singapore’s president that October.

When asked what that had done for sales, Miss Ducas told the Hay Festival: ‘Phenomenal on those in particular. She is her own brand and she is internationally well known and that drives traffic from all over the world.

‘People pay influencers a fortune to wear jewellery on the catwalk or at the Oscars but my experience is that has absolutely no influence on sales unless it’s someone like the Duchess of Cambridge.’

Kate wore the earrings, which now cost £325, on four engagements last year alone. She also wears an Annoushka diamond eternity ring on a daily basis.