Chef wows thousands as he reveals the RIGHT way to eat dumplings – and many admit they‘ve been doing it wrong their whole lives

It‘s a popular Chinese dish loved by foodies everywhere – but you‘ve probably been eating dumplings the wrong way your entire life.

Foodies are losing their minds over the ‘right‘ way to eat ‘xiao long bao‘, also known as soup dumplings, which are tiny delicate parcels of pork filled with hot broth.

During the steaming process, the gelatinised broth liquefies, poaching the pork filling in a savory soup. When served hot, diners often end up with a scalded mouth, stained clothes or letting all the delicious broth run out.

Appearing on MasterChef Australia, Din Tai Fung‘s chef Edward Yulianto wowed the viewers when he revealed the right way to gracefully eat the steamed soup dumplings without burning your tongue.

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The Chinese dumpling master suggested using a chopstick to pierce a small hole in the dumpling for the broth to escape into the spoon.

‘Take the dumpling, then dip it into the soy and vinegar, then you put it back to the spoon, poke a little hole, then you drink the soup,‘ Mr Yulianto said.

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The chef – who believes he has made at least one million dumplings over his nine-year career – then places ginger soaked in soy sauce on top, before consuming the whole dumpling.

MasterChef judge George Calombaris was amazed by the eating process, saying: ‘See that‘s what we‘ve been doing wrong, we just jam it down too quick.‘

The step-by-step eating guide was shared on MasterChef Australia‘s Facebook page, and has since been commented more than 10,000 times.

‘Soup dumplings were never my favourite for the mouth-scald reason! Now I can happily order them again,‘ one commented.

One said: ‘That‘s way more elegant and well mannered than how I‘ve been doing it.‘

Another said: ‘No wonder we always burn our mouths out eating these. We‘ve been eating them wrong our entire lives….and I thought to taste those dumplings in all their glory, I first had to go through the pain of the scorching hot broth exploding in my mouth first.‘

And one commented: ‘This is mind blowing. I literally just take the soup dumpling and put the whole thing in my mouth and just try to munch it down and of course, while suffering from how hot it is.‘