Cool record to break! Designers carve out the world‘s biggest ice carousel measuring 604ft across and then get the 23,000-ton disc to spin a full circle

A team in Finland smashed the world record for the largest ice carousel after carving 27 inches through thick ice to make a 604ft circular block turn 360-degrees.

Janne Kapylehto and two friends – Ville Haapasalo and Ismo Apell – spent five days in Finland carving out the 604ft wide carousel.

The team, called Kuopio Great Balls of Ice, took breaks in a wooden sauna which they placed in the centre of the disc.

After cutting two parallel circles using a giant compass and a chainsaw the team had to remove the ice from between them.

When the gap between the carousel and rest of the ice on the lake was clear they were able to make the circular block turn 360-degrees. 

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A solar-powered outboard motor was used to propel the disc around. 

They even left track marks with their snowmobiles to make it clear the disc had turned when viewed from the air. 

The team beat the previous record of 507ft by a hundred feet. 

And their record attempt has now been accepted by the World Ice Carousel Association. 

Janne said: ‘When my first ice carousel video went viral in 2017, people all over the world started doing them.

‘We need a lot of extra help to finish the project.

‘The record has been accepted by the World Ice Carousel Association and we‘re just waiting for the Grand Trophy to arrive now.‘