Hilarious moment terrified delivery driver drops takeaway in the street and almost loses his trousers when friendly dog chases him down the road

A takeaway delivery driver screamed and ran down a street to escape a friendly dog coming to greet him in a hilarious moment caught on CCTV. 

Jordan Young, 22, a security installer from Rossendale, Lancashire, captured the moment the delivery driver turned up at his front door.

His girlfriend Zoe Keenan had been watching the dogs while she awaited the order from local restaurant Tony‘s Pizza & Kebab House.

But when the unwitting driver rings the doorbell, he starts to hear barking from inside and retreats to his car.

All of a sudden, a Springador named Bruno bolts out of the front door and bounds on to the street.  

The driver, who had been holding a plastic bag containing the takeaway, immediately throws it to the ground and starts to flee the friendly dog.

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The CCTV footage even shows the driver‘s tracksuit bottoms start to slip down as he makes a desperate bid for freedom.

He runs down the street screaming before Miss Keenan comes outside and tries to reassure him that ‘friendly‘ Bruno doesn‘t bite.

But after Bruno appears to retreat, he gives chase again for the poor delivery driver who runs to the end of the cobbled street and hides around the corner. 

After Miss Keenan retrieves Bruno and puts him inside, the delivery driver finally returned to the car and picked up the takeaway.

Mr Young uploaded the CCTV footage to Facebook where it has since been viewed more than 100,000 times.

He posted it with the caption: ‘Well that‘s us never getting a takeaway from Tony‘s again!!

‘Well done Zoe Keenan, I leave you alone with the dogs and you let him out chasing the driver.

‘I do apologies to the driver and he was given I big tip.‘