Bank Holiday BEDLAM! Carnage in Blackpool as revellers collapse on the streets or get carted off to hospital after extremely heavy night on the tiles


Revellers across the country celebrated the first full day of the long weekend by partying into the early hours yesterday.

Britons made the most of the glorious weather for the three-day Spring Bank Holiday and carried on their celebrations into the night as the country basked in temperatures up to 73F (23C).

Many party-goers dressed in their finest to hit up the boozy establishments of Blackpool for the festivities.

But it appears some took on more than they could handle and ended the night slumped on pavements and being carried home by friends after a long day of drinking.

Paramedics were on hand to help those struggling at the end of the night and supportive friends carried each other home after the exuberant celebrations.

Expect more of the same today even though the weather looks to take a turn with showers predicted across the country.

In Blackpool, party-goers made the most of the long weekend by partying into the early hours last night and these two were clearly making the most of the festivities

Some appeared to take on more than they could handle and ended the night slumped over the shoulder of a supportive friend, like this unfortunate woman

The long day took its toll on some and this woman gave her feet a well-earned rest after a day of dancing by taking off her heels in the street

Paramedics were on hand to help those in need and offer a bowl for some who were struggling to keep everything down after a long day

Concerned friends and paramedics look on as a woman lies on the ground in the early hours of the first of the three-day weekend

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Many dressed up in their finest for the wild night of celebrations which saw these four end up outside a kebab shop

After a sunny afternoon, the rain came down on the streets of Blackpool but that did not dampen the spirits of these revellers

This pair rocked a monochromatic look as they partied on the streets to celebrate the Spring Bank Holiday with an extra day to recover from a potential hangover

Police were on hand to watch over the festivities and intervened and escorted away this unfortunate party-goer

This pair chose to wear all-white ensembles for the night on the tiles as Britons across the country hit the pubs and clubs

Late night takeaways proved a hit with the Blackpool revellers who needed sustenance at the end of the long day

Britons were making the most of the final Bank Holiday until late August by celebrating the sunny weather with their close friends

A woman with a red visor dashes through the Blackpool streets on a night of carnage which saw many requiring medical assistance

This man appears rather worse for wear and is struggling to hold down the contents of his stomach but at least he has his two friends to guide him home

Paramedics assist a woman who needs medical assistance as they transport her on a gurney towards their ambulance

After a boozy day in Blackpool, this man takes to the water as his two friends look after him at the side of an ambulance

The rain made an appearance towards the end of the night but fortunately this reveller was well-prepared with her sleeveless hooded coat

It was all too much for some and these friends helped guide this man back home after the day of fun and festivities