Cardboard gravestone is erected in Debenhams doorway to remember homeless 41-year-old man who died there ‘as shoppers walked by‘

A cardboard gravestone has been erected outside a shop doorway to honour a homeless man who died outside.

Adam Zajac, 41, was found unconscious under his sleeping bag in outside a Debenhams store in February last year.

The makeshift gravestone, which was placed in Bristol City Centre, reads: ‘R.I.P. Adam Zajac 1977-2018. He died in this doorway, as shoppers walked by.

‘He was homeless. Remember him.‘

Concerned members of the public called emergency services but despite the best efforts by paramedics to revive Zajac, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post-mortem found he had died of acute alcohol toxicity.

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Earlier this month a similar makeshift gravestone was also made for Deborah Morris, 48, which read: ‘Her body was found in a tent in this park. She was homeless. Remember her.‘

The makeshift gravestones have been made by members of the Dying Homeless project in a bid to bring awareness to the high death rate of homeless people. 

The project was started by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in 2017 and has since been taken over by the Museum of Homelessness. 

In 2017, seventeen homeless people died in Bristol, accounting for approximately a third of homeless deaths across the entire of the South West.

According to the Office of National Statistics Bristol also had the third highest number of deaths in England and Wales, alongside Lambeth, south London and Liverpool. 

Since the Dying Homeless project began in 2017, they have recorded 800 deaths.