Black author slams and the ‘white women‘ at its helm for ‘ripping off‘ her book ‘Slay in Your Lane‘ in billboard ads promoting female sport coverage

A black author has accused the and the ‘white women‘ at its helm of plagiarising her book title in an advert for their sports coverage. 

Yomi Adegoke slammed the broadcaster after seeing the title of her book – Slay In Your Lane, a work written to empower black women – on a billboard advert.  

She posted a photo of the Sport advert – featuring UK runner – alongside a picture of her promoting her book, which she co-wrote with Elizabeth Uviebinené.

The has insisted the campaign was ‘sufficiently far removed‘ from its own advertising campaign. 

Ms Adegoke said: ‘Imagine being a white woman creating an ‘eMpOwErInG WoMeNs‘ ad campaign for Sport.

‘And choosing to rip off the *TRADEMARKED* name of a book specifically aimed at uplifting black women (in an almost identical font).‘

She continued: ‘Make no mistake: this has happened because they have a) arrogantly assumed we wouldn‘t have it trademarked.

‘And b) that we would for some reason be grateful at this plagiarism disguised as a nod.

‘We ed the woman in question and Sport privately but nothing has been done.‘

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She added: ‘Our trademark covers everything, including advertising. You‘d think there would be some urgency as it‘s a legal matter but they are chilling!

‘All I can say is black creatives, TRADEMARK YOUR S***.

‘I mean, it won‘t actually stop white women ripping you off and big organisations stealing your s*** , but at least you can drag their clarts to court!!!‘

A spokeswoman said: ‘The sought legal advice before going ahead and were advised that the use of the headline ‘Slay In Your Lane‘ in our Women in Sport #ChangeTheGame marketing campaign was sufficiently far removed from the goods and services covered by the trademark registration in place.‘ 

The advert was part of the sport‘s ‘Change the Game campaign‘ which was designed to promote women‘s sport in a summer which includes the Women‘s World Cup in football.  

The campaign was spearheaded by executive creative director Laurent Simon, creative directors Tim Jones and James Cross and creative Nathalie Gordon. 

Ms Adegoke is an award-winning British journalist of Nigerian heritage.

The book, Slay in Your Lane, is described by publisher HarperCollins as an ‘inspirational guide to life for a generation of black British women‘. 

The title is registered as a trademark in the UK, reducing its use in advertising, marketing or promotional services, she said.