Where‘s my jacuzzi? Arsenal fan posts pictures of his grim accommodation after brochure promised him a glitzy bathroom when he shelled out thousands to travel to Baku for the Europa League final

An fan has posted pictures of the accommodation he was promised in Baku – and the shockingly grim reality after arriving.

Aaron Rose has travelled 2,500 miles to the Azerbaijan capital for the final clash with .

The online snaps of his accommodation show a smart-looking and clean bathroom but when Aaron, 24, arrived he was presented with the lodging‘s true reality.

Despite shelling out thousands of pounds to support his beloved Gunners, Aaron‘s pictures show a filthy old bathroom with broken tiles and equipment.

Aaron, from London, posted pictures of the bathroom on his Twitter before saying: ‘Booked accommodation in Baku. The first two photos were of the bathroom on the website. The last photo is what we have been met with. 

‘Have you ever seen anything more Europa League?‘

In one of the pictures, a gleaming white bath with Jacuzzi jets installed is sat neatly in the corner of the bathroom surrounded by reasonably clean tiles.  

Another shows a walk-in shower booth behind glass doors and appearing to be of decent standard for tourist accommodation. 

However, the image Rose posts of the bathroom he actually received shows a completely different scene.

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His picture shows a tiny area where showering is expected to place with a hole in the floor for water drainage, surrounded by dirty tiles. The shower head is balancing on the tap used to switch on, indicating that there is no fixture on the wall for it to be placed.

A tap is attached to broken porcelain next to the shower, appearing to be the remains of a sink which has been damaged beyond repair. 

He adds to his tweet with the comments: ‘It‘s so true [but] forget the shower. Why the f*** is there a sink in the shower?‘ 

Aaron, who has now switched accommodation, added in a further tweet on Wednesday morning that despite his accommodation woes, he is enjoying the trip. 

He wrote: ‘All jokes aside from some of the awful hotels and money it‘s cost to get out here, Baku is actually a really beautiful city. 

‘Shame everyone I‘ve followed Arsenal with up and down the country and in Europe can‘t be here.‘ 

Arsenal face Chelsea on Wednesday in the Europa League final at a venue which has been slammed because of the difficulties fans have of getting to Azerbaijan. 

Just 6,000 tickets were given to supporters of each side despite the stadium being capable of holding over 65,000 people. 

Many of those fans have turned down the chance to go to the game because of a rise in travel costs when the final was confirmed. 

Direct flights to the city cost at least £800 return and some fans have resorted to road, rail or multiple flights to get there.